Magnolia Plantation

Post-Hurricane Florence Special at Magnolia! All tours are $5 per tour until the end of September 2018. Basic garden admission is required to enter the gardens and to participate in the tours. The special includes the HOUSE TOUR, NATURE TRAIN, NATURE BOAT, FROM SLAVERY TO FREEDOM, and SWAMP GARDEN.

Rice Field Boat Tour

Rice Field Boat Tour

LENGTH: Allow one hour

LOCATION: Departs from a dock in the historic Garden.

TIMES: Seven days a week from March through October each year.

COST: ($8 per person with paid garden admission, children under 6 free)

Slip back in time as your boat glides through Magnolia's old flooded ricefield along the Ashley River. While you explore the cattail-fringed canals, your naturalist captain will transport you to the age of rice growing and river-going. Alligators still slip silently across canals as egrets wade along shore, stalking fish or frogs. You might even surprise a flock of wood ducks or spy a grackle building its nest. Today the rice is gone, but the history is still alive.

The boat tour is also a perfect way to take a break from walking. You can cool your heels and enjoy the breeze of the Ashley River as you glide through a water world unknown to most visitors. Come see the wild wetlands as the "locals" do – from the water.

Ricefield Boat Tour Ricefield Boat Tour Ricefield Boat Tour Ricefield Boat Tour Ricefield Boat Tour