Garden of Romance

I Love You Garden
Amilliyon Davis, Chester, S.C.

"I'm in love
Not with someone but with something
It is a garden
I know If you saw it you would feel the same thing."

"The trees stand tall and with grace
And as the cool wind kisses my face
I felt as If it was meant for me."

"I kneel down in the glory of it all
And I touch the grass
And I feel each strand touch my hand
And I wistfully stand tall."

"And as I stroll through
I soak in all the beauty
And my my what a sight for my eyes
To bear witness of this garden."

"I feel as If I don't deserve to see
So blind me If I am not grateful to you
Oh garden
They're going to see me as a mad man
But as long as I can look upon thee
There are no worries for me.'