Garden of Romance

Is It a Fantasy?
Jasmine Davis, Chester, S.C.

I thought I was dreaming for it felt like a dream.
Or maybe it was me and not what it seemed.
Have my eyes forced me to believe,
that this garden wasn't real and only a fantasy?

It was to fairytale like.
But I was able to touch the flowers and trees.
And only then I knew it was real.
For it was just as it seemed,
this garden was real and was not a fantasy.

So on I went across the white bridge.
Over still waters and I couldn’t help but to stop.
I gazed upon the view and there came a thought.
That this garden was all it was to be,
and it was no fantasy.

Now it is time to go.
But how could I when I'm to devoted to stay.
So I move slow,
just to have one more glimpse.
And as I go along very happily,
I tell myself it was all that it seemed to be.
And although it felt like one it was no fantasy.