Garden of Romance

Magnolia Bliss
Monica Martelli, Cumming, Ga.

As trouble clouds the essence of my mind,

I walk through Mangolia, where peace I may find.

Eyes caressed shut by the light blanket called the sun,

My arms spread wide; nature and I become one.

The sun shines through, the clouds float away;

My mind is as clear as the light of such a day.

I am the breeze; the soil; the Mangolia flower

The petals; the stems; the most graceful of powers.

I am whisked to and fro, dancing freely to the wind’s flute;

Leaping from the ground, but restrained by my roots.

I feel the bees gently hug me, grasping to my leaves;

I beg them to stay, but when they go, I droop low and grieve.

So freely flying; high into the sky,

I watch them go up and up, waving goodbye.

And when the sun goes down, I am released from my trance;

But I beg and plead for one more dance.

Lit by the light of the lovely fire flies,

My body sways, and Mangolia cries.

The beauty and grace is almost impossible to bare;

Tears line my cheeks; such nature I must share.

The garden of Mangoila, a heaven on Earth;

Of life, love, and magic; a place of rebirth.

As I allow myself to be renewed in such a divine endeavor,

My soul is cleansed, and my mind cleared forever.

Now I must depart from my sweet, sweet serenity- my Mangolia bliss;

The memories will encase my mind, teasing me periodically with a gentle kiss.