Garden of Romance

Magnolia Faire
Catherine Cummings, Marietta, Ga.

I entered once a garden set along a river's shore
between a marsh and carriage road; its legend drew me there.

As I strolled down a pebbled path where fair azaleas bloomed
wisteria bowed in reverence above a cherubed tomb.

I stood beside the river's edge to watch the ebb and flow
and listen to the gentle waves that lapped against the shore.

Meandering around a bend, I found a great oak tree
inviting me to rest and dream in Holy reverie.

I trod the paths with flowers filled of every form and hue;
I gazed at fields of daffodils beneath a sky of blue.

I stopped beside a pond so still it filled me with its peace;
o'erlooked by maids of ancient stone, it seemed a timeless place.

'Tis said a young man of the cloth designed this place so dear
as gift of beauty for his love to find her comfort there.

The garden overfilled my heart with silent, surging joy
and overtook my worldly cares; its quiet calmed my soul.

Magnolia lingers in my heart, now time has passed away;
a part of me resides there still, forevermore to stay.