Garden of Romance

The Garden That Brings Love
Ashley Spoleti, Mount Sinai, N.Y.

I can still see the serenity,
Peaceful sky,
Glittering lake,
Wondrous magnolias, so beautiful, almost fake.

I can hear the flowers whisper,
Chanting remedies
Mending two broken hearts,
Shattered long ago by flying darts.

Down by the shinning lake,
The sand buries our toes.
As he reaches into the grass,
Handing me magnificent magnolias, full by the mass.

Crossing the white, wooden bridge
We find the garden flowing on.
Beneath the dazzling sky,
Magnolias by the dozen. Oh my!

His love is whispered,
By the magnolia placed behind my ear.
Everlasting they seem to chant,
Eternity is my wish they grant.

We start to run,
Through the place of star crossed lovers,
Through the garden where they meet,
Towards eternity disguised as defeat.

We fall to the ground,
In that garden of love.
We give into the death cup,
As the heavens start pulling us up.

We escape into the sky,
To the garden of love that flies,
Brimming with a sweet scent,
The magnolias swell our hearts with intent.

There in that magnolia garden,
Is where we fell for each other deeply,
Where we'll stay together forever,
The place love is thrust upon whomever.