Magnolia Plantation


Oldest collection of Indica Azaleas in America.

First garden to plant azaleas outdoors - 1840's

When the Indian Azaleas are in bloom, they are - without a doubt - the greatest attraction at Magnolia.

Magnolia was the first garden in America to plant azaleas outside. In the spring, hundreds of thousands of blooming azaleas grace the paths and lake basins. Their reflections in the lake's dark waters are utterly stunning. Hundreds of varieties of Indica, Kurume, Satsuki, Glen Dales, native azaleas and other hybrids are in Magnolia's collection. New varieties are added annually.

Working with The Great Gardens of America Preservation Alliance in 2010, Magnolia identified 15 varieties of Indian Azaleas previously thought to be extinct. They are being propagated to share with other preservation-minded gardens across the nation. One of Magnolia's primary objectives is to locate and preserve these older azalea varieties for future generations to enjoy.

Azaleas at Magnolia Gardens Azaleas at Magnolia Gardens Azaleas at Magnolia Gardens Azaleas at Magnolia Gardens Azaleas at Magnolia Gardens

In 1981, The Philadelphia Enquirer wrote: "The star attraction of Magnolia is acres and acres of brilliant azaleas, camellias, roses, hibiscus, lilies and more. The ever changing color is linked by centuries old brick lined paths and mysterious black lakes that once were planted rice fields. John Galsworthy described the garden too beautiful to paint. Decades later, it is still difficult not to agree."

Come and enjoy Magnolia's beautiful romantic gardens to renew your soul.

"I have seen gardens, many gardens in England, France and Italy ... But no horticulture that I have seen devised by Mortal man approaches the unearthly enchantment of the azaleas at Magnolia gardens”, Lady Baltimore Magazine, 1906

"The Magnolia Gardens near Charleston, SC are among the most remarkable gardens of the south and are especially famous for their azaleas", Journal of The Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University, 1921.

Azalea Society of America
Magnolia Plantation & Gardens is a member of the Azalea Society of America. Visit, THE website for information about azaleas and the Azalea Society of America.

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