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"One of the finest camellia collections in the world."
- Jenifer Trahane, President of the International Camellia Society, 2011

"Magnolia offers America's oldest and
largest collection of camellias and azaleas."
- Miles Beach, Secretary of the American Camellia Society, 2011

Camellias at Magnolia Gardens Camellias at Magnolia Gardens Camellias at Magnolia Gardens Camellias at Magnolia Gardens Camellias at Magnolia Gardens

20,000 Camellias are on display from Mid-November to April. Camellia Sasanqua blooms in November and December. Japonicas are profuse mid-January to mid March.

There are over 1,000 cultivars of Japonica, more than any garden in America.

The camellia collection was the most extensive in America before the Civil War. In 1854 the Rev. John Grimke-Drayton wrote:

I have discovered that there were a hundred and twenty double varieties there. How many singles, semi-doubles, peony forms and others, I do not pretend to know. I can only describe their number as Legion.

Ancient Camellias (pre-1900) are a specialty at Magnolia. Not only did Magnolia introduce over 150 cultivars of Japonica to America from the 1840's to 1940's, but it has organized and implemented a world-wide search for Ancient Camellias which are in threat of extinction.

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