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Children's Garden

Fairy Garden
Kids will walk into a fairy world and be mesmerized by fairy villages, houses, gnomes, elves, and woodland creatures alike. A storybook walk will keep them entertained as they explore the pathways of this mystical land.

Small-scale houses and buildings makeup the village so that kids feel like this is their town! They can slide down the slide at the schoolhouse, draw on chalkboards, or just pop in and out of each house like they own the place!

Sensory Garden
All five senses will be used in this area of the garden! Kids will touch a sensitive plant that curls up in their hands, taste berries, hear the sounds of pots and pans clanging at the sound garden, see various colors of unique flowers, and smell the clean scent of a lemon plant.

Take your time

The Children’s Garden is located on the Avenue of Oaks just past The Plantation House and Horticultural Maze.

The Children’s Garden is open daily during regular garden hours.

The cost of the Children’s Garden is included with the basic admission ticket price.


Children's Garden


Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

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