Magnolia Plantation
Zoo & Nature Center

The Zoo and Nature Center

LENGTH: Take your time.

LOCATION: The Zoo & Nature Center is located adjacent to the Peacock Café near the main parking area.

TIMES: The Zoo & Nature Center is open daily during regular garden hours.

COST: The cost of the Zoo & Nature Center is included with the basic admission ticket price.

The Zoo & Nature Center offers  visitors a chance to interact with a variety of animals. Domestic species representative of plantation life and creatures native to the area are more than happy to be met, pet and fed (especially fed!). The Zoo & Nature Center offers a unique opportunity for visitors to encounter white-tailed deer! Exhibits featuring indigenous species, including the gray fox, beaver, bobcat and birds of prey, give visitors a chance to view animals that typically are not easily seen in the wild. The Zoo & Nature Center also features a reptile house, allowing guests to safely encounter some of the state's native lizards, turtles and snakes, including venomous species! 

Zoo and Nature Center Zoo and Nature Center Zoo and Nature Center Zoo and Nature Center Zoo and Nature Center




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