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Youth Education ProgramAge appropriate learning based on
South Carolina standards curriculum.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, with its historical significance and diverse natural habitats, is an ideal location to host educational programs for children of all ages. Students can re-live history at the plantation, which was established in 1676 and has experienced events such as early colonization, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and Reconstruction. The history and contributions of the slaves who operated the rice cultivation here are interpreted inside restored cabins in which they lived. Wildlife is in abundance here, with the swamps, marshes and woodlands on the plantation. The Audubon Swamp Garden is home to one of the region's most diverse nesting grounds of many species of herons and egrets. Alligators can also be safely observed at many locations throughout the swamp.


Youth Education Program
Youth Education ProgramNature at its best!

Youth Groups

Harness creation and enrich your student's learning through Magnolia Plantation & Garden's Youth Education Programs. Magnolia offers 3 different field trip options to suit your learning needs. Bring your students to learn in our campground setting, complete with enclosed shelters and nature at your fingertips, or take them on our guided Slavery to Freedom or Nature Tram tour. Magnolia Plantation & Gardens offers discounted rates for school field trips with 15 or more students.

Feild Trip Options




All three Youth Education Programs include a visit to the Zoo & Nature Center, which features a collection of domestic and wild animals, the Orientation Threatre, a 20-minute film on the history of Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, and access to the Horticultural Maze.

FULL YOUTH PROGRAM - $15 per student
This program is designed for students in the 3rd - 8th grade. The program is approximately two hours long and consists of three rotational learning centers.
• Water Ecology Center - learn about the different water systems in South Carolina
• Botany Center
• Contributions of the Enslaved Center

NATURE AND HISTORY - $18 per student
Students will receive a 45-minute narrated tour that will include a tram ride around the outside of the historic gardens, giving insight to how Magnolia was created and has evolved since then. Students will also take part in the Slavery to Freedom tour which, focuses on the lives of the enslaved and their contributions to the plantation.

Youth Education ProgramAudubon Swamp Garden

GARDENS ONLY - $12 per student
Students are granted basic admission to Magnolia Plantation & Gardens and the Audubon Swamp. No guided tours are included in this price.

CREATE YOUR OWN TOUR - $6 per student + $6 per selection
Choose which tours you would like to take. Garden Admission of $6 per student will automatically be calculated into price along with your selections.
$6 each per student per tour:
Nature Tram
Nature Boat
Audubon Swamp
Slavery to Freedom
Plantation House (High School and College Students Only)

One chaperone per 6 children is required and will receive complimentary admission. Additional adult garden admission is $10.00 per adult. Please be advised that only parents and chaperones who arrive on the bus will be allowed to go on the tours with students. Any parent or guardian arriving on their own are not guaranteed a place and must pay full garden admission.

Lunch is available, and menu options will be provided upon request.

Field Trip Request Form

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Boy Scout & Girl Scout Merit Badge Programs at
Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Boy Scouts

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens offers Boy Scouts opportunities to earn merit badges with study sessions and workshops.

Classes are scheduled on Saturdays throughout the year. Merit badge studies offered are:

  • American Heritage
  • Archaeology
  • Art
  • Bird Study
  • Citizenship in the Nation
  • Citizenship in the World
  • Collections
  • Communications
  • Environmental Science
  • First Aid
  • Fish & Wildlife Management
  • Forestry
  • Genealogy
  • Indian Lore
  • Insect Study
  • Mammal Study
  • Nature
  • Photography
  • Plant Science
  • Reptile & Amphibian Study

In addition to our study programs, scouts are also offered opportunities for service projects and Eagle Scout promotions.

Looking for a site to earn camping badges? We have campgrounds available! For inquires or to make a reservatioin, contact

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Camping at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Magnolia Plantation & Garden's primitive campgrounds are available to organized youth groups. To make a reservation, contact 843-571-1266 or (return to top of page)


Outreach Programs
Outreach Programs

Animal programs are available for outreach programs.

Live animals, including spiders, snakes and alligators and natural history artifacts can come to the schools to give students an up-close and personal experience they will not soon forget, as they learn about animal adaptations, behaviors and environments. It is not every day that a child can have a tarantula walk across his or her hands, feel the smooth scaly skin of a snake or meet and touch an alligator in person!

The outreach programs are best suited to single classrooms (up to 30 students) to allow for a better learning experience. Programs can be tailored to specific topics.

Our programs are also available for school science fairs and events.

The outreach programs are available at no cost to public schools in the Charleston area. Contributions are accepted to help fund the programs. (return to top of page)


Zoo & Nature Center

Zoo & Nature CenterMagnolia Plantation & Garden's Zoo & Nature Center is home to a variety of domestic livestock and animals native to the region. Visitors have a unique opportunity to interact with white-tailed deer as they roam freely through the zoo. Goats, turkeys, chickens and other farm animals that likely would have been found on a working plantation also roam the zoo. Exhibits feature a collection of native wildlife, including grey foxes, bobcat, birds of prey and a reptile house.

Many of the animals that reside here are from wildlife rehabilitation centers, where they were rescued as orphans or treated for injuries and were not suitable to be released. Magnolia Plantation & Gardens has a long-time working relationship with local wildlife rehabilitators and also helps support them financially.

The Zoo & Nature Center is included with basic admission. It is one of the featured attractions for school groups and education programs. An outdoor classroom is adjacent to the zoo. (return to top of page)